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Parental care service instructions

Parental care system to take full account of the actual needs of parents, when parents find their children play the game is too addicted to the time by the parents to provide legal guardian qualification certificate, the name of the game account, and parents desire to limit the strength of information, Game addicted to the state of the account to take several restrictions to solve the minor adolescent online games of the bad phenomenon, such as limiting the child every day to play the game time interval and length, you can limit only the weekend can play, or completely prohibited.

Parental care service progress inquiries

If you have already applied for parental care, you can enter a service number to inquire about the progress of your application, such as whether the fax is received, whether you need to submit the information, whether the account has been processed, and so on. During the service period, if you have questions about the information you need to submit or the results of the processing, or any other questions, you can contact us at any time. We will provide you with the consultation service, or cooperate to guide you to solve the problem.
Monitoring service application document      Account oddity application document

Give full consideration to the actual needs of parents, parents care project when parents find their children to play games too beguiled, provided by the parent legal guardian qualification certificate, name of the game account number, and the information such as the desire to limit strength, parents can be held in a state of children game addiction account take several restrictions, solve the minors online bad addiction, such as limit the children playing games every day interval and the length of time, can also limit only can play over the weekend, or a complete ban.
Boycott bad games, refuse pirated games, pay attention to self-protection, beware of being deceived, moderate game benefits brain, addicted to the game body injury, reasonable arrangements for time to enjoy a healthy life
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