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Dream Arthur
2017-04-10/new topics

Players play plan to start "dream Arthur" iOS version will be on the line

Someone with, someone to accompany, there are beautiful live, such a game, you are interested in it?
2016 gaming class 3D fantasy card hand tour "dream Arthur" finally came, July 13, iOS version will be the first step, and by the tiger teeth signed EDG tattoo female anchor, love odd art homemade network "college students" Opinion group members Li Lu led the play with the live knights are also ready, now, sent you!


In addition to the faint force, of course, ultimately, save time and unlimited open play, adventure is the deepest human nature of the bones, and in the "dream Arthur" in the world, the adventure of this theme is wantonly sway to the extreme. Do you know the king of Arthur, do you know salmon? You understand the ancient Western history, then you understand the ancient Greek mythology? Of course, countless magical literature in the various gods also spread among them, you want to open, not just a game, more like adventure an infinite may exist in the fantasy door, adventure, is the nature you want to master!

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