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2017-05-02/new topics

Swallow sister + treasure! Second yuan Meng Niang hand tour "war dance fantasy song" is about to go online

The second day to explore the treasure puzzle game "war dance fantasy song" will soon be on the IOS platform, small partners finally no longer have to wait. As a 3D-ART hand tour, the game uses 4 people to switch the fighting, the characteristics of the combo, dazzling skills release, erratic walk, but also can control the various types of Meng Niang search treasure puzzle, beat the level of the The enemy to complete the clearance, get the final reward. In addition to fighting and adventure, but also through the intimate interaction with the mother to improve the favorability. Let you in the game to experience a variety of fun!
3D-ART is a combination of Action (action), RPG (role-playing), Treasure (treasure) three major elements of the new game mode, will bring the players more cool game experience.

The game also has an extraordinary system to develop! And Meng mother interaction gift, you can enhance the fertility of the mother of the degree of favorability. The game has as many as 150 different kinds of gifts, each Meng mother because of different personality, the degree of preference for each gift is not the same. Only to find out the personality characteristics of Meng mother, for their favorite degree to gift, in order to quickly enhance the degree of intimacy Oh ~ ~ If the gift is not in line with their wishes, anger Meng mother of the consequences are very serious Oh ... ...

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