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Fighting Fantasia
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2017-04-28/new topics

Come with me to explore it! "Fighting Fantasy" play early introduction

Qiang Qiang Qiang Qiang ~ to introduce a day of the model workers Xiao Bian also come back (what ghost)! This time we come and we play through the play "war dance fantasy song" play it! Little partners must remember yo → w →

Overall, "Fighting Fantasia" is a 3D action adventure class treasure tour. The game uses 4 people to switch the fighting, adventure puzzle novel game mode, in the adventure of the players need to switch through the four distinctive features, different character of the girls to defeat the level of the enemy in order to complete customs clearance. In the game of the fighting process, it is integrated into the section, hard straight, Upanishads and other action game combat system, small partners can experience a very straightforward sense of blow yo ~

Of course the game is much easier to look than because the maps and traps in the various levels of the game are quite different. The silence of the snow and the snow, so that the snow and ice to walk the snow and ice relics and so on, the small partners need to pass each of the small and medium- Missy unique skills to unlock one after another trap problem, with this touch of cool blow, how to think is a feast of adventure it! (applaud)

Wow! Even Xiaobian have begun to eager, and the eldest side there must be let me into the group (not right)! Well, do not joke ~ look forward to everyone and explore Po Yo!

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