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SLG masterpiece "point of the point will be" landing APP STORE today

As a bright spot for innovation as a new theme of the three countries, "point will be" the real reduction of the history of the Three Kingdoms, the game of the three countries map, countless city pass, historical geomorphic weather environment, hundreds of three famous And so on for the players to bring immersive feelings. As the core elements of the game three famous, through the name of the artist's hand-painted, the individual's unique temperament performance most vividly. And Wei Shu Wu's masters in the "point of the soldiers will be" what is a look? Why many players will say Sun Quan is the most handsome it?

Wei Guozhong dominated by Cao Cao

Cao Cao, Wei Guo princess. Historical literature records his image as: "seven feet long, fine eyes long to be", "gods of the British", we can see that Cao Cao is a handsome but very powerful character. "Point of the point will be" according to history, Cao Cao will be described as: wearing a feather feather crown, hand to ask long to be serious, crotch shadow horse horse, the hands of the sword to the front, so domineering is "dignity" Cao Cao Can have the temperament.

【Shu main princess shirt will be Liu Bei】

Liu Bei, Shu country princess. Chen Shou "Three Kingdoms" records, Liu Bei appearance as "the length of seven feet five inches, ears hanging shoulder, hands knees, head self-care of its ears, such as crown jade, lip if fat", can be said Liu Bei's appearance in line with China The traditional "blessing" of the people, and Liu Bei is also a generous generous, know the doctor's life. "Point of the point will be" combined with people's aesthetic and Liu Bei's image, he will be molded in the game as a, a Pathetic, wearing a towel, towering expression, his hands waving double sword, riding a horse flew Modeling, the perfect combination of Liu Bei temperament of the image, compared to let the players in the game intuitive understanding Liu Bei the Shu monarch.

【Wu Guozhi emperor wind Fan Sun Quan】

Sun Quan, Wu Guozhong. "Three Kingdoms" describes his "purple bearded eyes, eyes have fine, Fang Yi mouth, shape Qiwei", that is, Sun Quan is a purple hair, Bi-color eyes, handsome, bizarre "mixed" image. Relative to the other two princes to re-shape, "point of the soldiers will be" is the original appearance of the image of Sun Quan, long lead, purple hair, green eyes, ancient robes, right palm symbol, power left hand sword symbol of force , Sweet to create a powerful image of the hegemony.

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