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The new three countries hand tour "point of the soldiers will be" official website online chaos war again

New three themes strategy hand tour "point of the soldiers will" finally meet with you. "Point of the point will be" not only combined with the RPG, SLG, card and other three major categories of the essence of the mainstream elements of the game, the performance of the game also sought to show the cold weapon era battlefield charm. Today, "point of the soldiers will be the official website of the official line, come back together to return to the war of the Three Kingdoms era!

【Official website online information activities, Raiders real-time update】
In this fast-paced era, just work, learning has been made we are physically and mentally exhausted. Idle to play a game, but also be careful to kill ... ... "point of the soldiers will" can let you really relax! Do not need complex operation, do not need high-end peripherals, simple point under the mobile phone screen, the three world things, by your hands control! Whether it is to adjust the lineup, replace the generals, formations only a moment! Today "point of the point will be" official online line, to provide you with the latest game information and event announcements, so you win the first time. At the same time more full of the game Raiders, to help you dominate the three countries!
[Players control the success of the game strategy]
Relative to the traditional SLG hand tour for the players to make a lot of restrictions on the strategy, "point will be the point of the game strategy will be fully reflected in the player's active thinking. In the territory of the city development, generals training, player manipulation and other aspects of the simplified, and let the player in the overall development of the overall control, not just the strategy embodied in the battle, and strive to allow players to create their own ideas through a completely different style Direction of development. Generals with the combination of offensive route selection, city defense technology, conquering the direction of the strategy and so on, I believe that people will have a different experience.
[Three countries to join the generals to help generals professional freedom to switch]
Three Kingdoms era, but also a number of positions, such as Zhao Yun is the force, strategy, wisdom are superior legend. "Point of the soldiers will" purely restore the history of the three countries, innovative to give the game every generals handsome, will seek three professional players can freely switch. When the generals serve as handsome, the action points can be assigned to the different skills that will be used by the action point. Free with the generals lineup, free choice of generals career, to the players more flexible and rich game experience at the same time, but also greatly enhance the game resistance degree.

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