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game introduction
"Legion of the Three Kingdoms" from the history of the Three Kingdoms from the background to build. The game in the picture to show the era of cold weapons battlefield charm, lovely Q version of the people, the player's own strategic enhancements and many other aspects of the breakthrough made a traditional innovation in the playability has a unique advantage 2016 "extreme strategy" new strategy Card game "Legion of the Three Kingdoms", do not delete the file inside the test hot in progress! The game first "handsome...
game story
In the end of the Eastern Han Dynasty, the mountains and rivers of turbulence, Liu Han dynasty war will be done.There are ten paternity back and forth black and white, scourge Gang, outside the Zhang brothers shouting 'heaven is dead, yellow towel stand up' slogan, set off a huge peasant uprising. A time heroic, Liu Jia court like a building will be dumping, precarious. "" Is the so-called chaos out of the hero, Cao Cao, Sun Ce, Gongsun Zan, Yuan Shu......
game features
The game through the relaxed and humorous language style, take you to experience the Three Kingdoms period of chaos legend. Attack Nan Man invaded, keep the chain, gorgeous, shocking skills effects, so that you experience the siege of the fun!
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