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Fighting Fantasia
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game introduction
3D ART hand tour "war dance fantasy song", for the Mina Sang bring fantastic adventure journey! Erika, Fenia, law, multi-exposed composition of the girls to explore the team, set foot on their journey! "Fighting Fantasia" with 4 people to switch the fighting, adventure puzzle of the new game mode. 4 big female woman seamlessly switch, smooth and straightforward real combat experience, challenge your hands! Different styles......
game story
A long time ago, there is a king called the state of Lokova, was manipulated by the power of the twilight of the twilight of the Queen ruled, the twilight of the Queen's high pressure rule caused the public's discontent. At that time, several incandescent brave appeared. They light to the edge of the fire to the body, bravely to the horror of the twilight star issued a challenge. The fighting lasted ten days and ten nights......
game features
In the process of adventure, Erica team companions also gradually launched their own stories, had been secretly reformed by the Twilight Church, forced into the power of the queen of the weak girl Feiniya, suffered a twilight Church of the Virgen Master An Jie Li card. As the hometown of Nibulundi was destroyed, and vowed to track the magic of the enemy to make Fernie's darling. From the mysterious demon, a strong real body is known as the lost lights of the illusionist Greta Otto with conspiracy seal of the princess princess exposed. Are on the road to play their respective abilities, and suffered a different adventure story.
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