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game introduction
2016 gaming 3D fantasy card card tour "dream Arthur", for the glory, we hard to lift!
game story
The game combines the ancient Western history, ancient Greek mythology and classic magical literature, completely break the time, space and imagination of the boundaries of the King Arthur, Dracula Earl, Medusa and many other legendary magical characters, concentrated in the same continent, Out of a heart, the ultimate 3D fantasy world! At the same time, the game also joined the role of development, real-time strategy......
game features
Into the game, you will be the embodiment of the epic level Meng new, open a thrilling, exciting 3D fantasy adventure trip! As long as the game continue to get to know the legendary heroes, learn a variety of fighting skills, you can quickly enhance their combat effectiveness, and ultimately grow into the "dream Arthur" fantasy history of the "eternal king"!
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